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residential painters in Spokane Washington

residential painters in Spokane Washington

Painting your Spokane home can make the house more beautiful and appealing. It can even increase the resale value of your home. At Routon Painting & Handyman Service, we specialize in providing excellent, top class residential painting services. Our trusted experts can paint all kinds of residential apartments including Townhouses, Duplex, Single-Family Homes, Condo, and so forth. Whether you are looking to paint one or two rooms, the interior, exterior, or the whole house, we will get the job done exceptionally.

How Often Do You Have To Repaint Your House?

Life is not always colorful, as there will be time when the most colorful and sheeny things you see today gets worn out and down. Repainting a house is exciting. In fact, it gives a new life and colors to a house.

Do you think it’s time you repainted again? Experts say one will need to repaint a house every 5-10 years.  However this depends largely on some factors. Some house owners really know how to maintain a house to avoid frequent repainting. Perhaps, they do not have little kids or the painter did a very good job at the previous painting. If there are little kids in the house, the paint does not last long. Hence, there is need to repaint the house more often, 2-3 years.

Nevertheless, there are many factors that will prompt the repainting of a house. Three (3) main factors that cause these are – The location of the house, the climate and weather conditions of the area, and the previous painting done; i.e how effective was the previous painting of the house.

These factors cause worn out of the house, cracks on the walls, fading, shrinking of boards, and so forth. There is the need for house repainting when all these are noticed.

When Should I Paint The Outside Of My House?

The exterior of a house is always exposed to various things. It usually needs frequent and regular repainting than the interior of a house. Painting the outside of a house is a big job and not as easy as the indoor painting.

The outside of a house is not really protected, as it gets exposed to direct sunlight, storms, harsh winters etc. All these cause the paint to fade more quickly thereby calling for a repaint.

Chalking is another cause to look at, when the surface or walls start getting powdery or faded.  Then you should consider repainting.

Wear and tear; when you start noticing cracks, peel away from walls or boards. Then it's time for a paint job. Sometimes, wear and tear happen because of a below-par previous job, molds, dry rots, and so forth.

Need Professional Residential Painters in Spokane? Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Routon Painting & Handyman Service to know more about our services. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We will offer you a personalized painting solution depending on your needs. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent services.

residential painters in Spokane Washington

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$500 OFF

plus free upgrade*

Financing Options

(Current Special 12 Months Same as Cash)

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