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Article provided by: Sprovieri's Custom Counters

Corian Countertops Chicago

Corian Countertops Chicago

Corian is one of the most beautiful and durable materials for countertops. It is a cost-effective and low maintenance solution for your residential or commercial project. At Sprovieri's we offer experienced, high-quality fabrication and installation of Corian countertops in and around Chicago, IL.

Here are the 5 reasons to choose custom Corian countertops from Sprovieri's Custom Counters.

  1. Corian countertops are a strong and durable option for your custom countertop project. Corian is a man-made material, which makes it nonporous and extremely low maintenance. When you choose Corian, you can be assured that you will have attractive counters for many years to come. Sprovieri's has more than 50 years of experience fabricating and installing custom countertops in the Chicago area.

  2. Corian countertops can withstand years of wear and tear. You can clean them easily with many household cleaners, which helps reduce the spread of viruses in your home. The material is renewable and can always be easily repaired, unlike granite or quartz materials. If you suffer damage to the counter, you can repair and restore it to its original beauty. Minor scratches can be repaired at home and an expert can always come and professionally repair harder damage. In addition to installation services, we also provide repairs for Corian and other countertop materials.

  3. Corian countertops are among the most beautiful available and highly customizable. You can purchase Corian in various colors so that you can match or coordinate with your existing space. Corian offers an online tool to view their palette and Sprovieri's can also provide you with samples. Sprovieri's can help create custom sink bowl sizes if you need a special installation. 

  4. Corian is an affordable material for your custom countertop project. When you compare it with natural stone, such as marble or granite, Corian is certainly a less expensive choice. We have a team of expert craftsmen who will measure, fabricate and install counters that fit your space perfectly—our sales team works with you to give you material and color options that fit your specific needs and desired budget. 

  5. Corian has the ability to be thermoformed and offers many integral options. You can have an integral sink and backsplash with Corian, which is appealing to the eye and very easy to clean. No grout lines!! 

When you want professional quality countertops installed at a reasonable price, call Sprovieri’s Custom Counters. We are family-owned and operated and have been in business for over 50 years. We have a dedicated sales and customer service department that is eager to take care of you. Contact Sprovieri's Custom Counters for a free estimate and to answer any questions: 630-543-3400.

Corian Countertops Chicago
Sprovieri's Custom Counters
+1 630-543-3400
Corian Countertops Chicago
55 W Laura Dr
Addison IL 60101

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$500 OFF

plus free upgrade*

Financing Options

(Current Special 12 Months Same as Cash)

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